Montana based Absaroka Energy, LLC is developing the Coffin Butte Pumped Storage Hydro Project (Project) through its single purpose subsidy, CB Energy Park, LLC. The Project will be located on Coffin Butte, a prominent landform located 9 miles southwest from the town of Two Dot, Montana. This hydroelectric facility would consist of an upper and lower off-stream, closed-loop reservoir complex, with each reservoir sized at approximately 2,500 acre-feet. The reservoirs will be connected by a buried, concrete and steel lined penstock. Two turbine/pump generators will be located in a buried powerhouse adjacent to the bottom reservoir, providing an installed capacity of 250 megawatts for an estimated annual energy generation of 880 gigawatt hours.

The Coffin Butte Project will be a utility-scale energy storage, regulation, and generation facility that will work as a highly flexible, fast-acting platform offering balancing services to the regional transmission grid. Once operational, this facility will provide regulation and other critical ancillary services to the grid – increasing the reliability and integration of new sources of renewable energy generation, preserving our existing transmission infrastructure, helping to grow our renewable energy portfolio, and bring jobs and economic opportunity to rural Montana.

CB Energy Park, LLC has received a preliminary permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to begin a multi-year licensing process. CB Energy Park is currently in consultations with state and federal agencies, local landowners, environmental groups, and other interested stakeholders to identify, study and mitigate important issues related to the construction of this project.